The PhenQ Scam Does This Diet Pill Work?

Every year hundreds of new diet pills are introduced into the market, some work, while others don’t. PhenQ has come under some heavy criticism since its release a couple of years. The question is, what are the results from using this product? Has it delivered on its promise or is PhenQ just another weight loss scam. Releasing any new weight loss pill into the market is very risky, many people are burned out on promises and hyped expectations.

Clinical trials are often flawed

Most companies that release new products really don’t know how successful they will be, all they can base their proof on is scientific studies and internal clinical trials. Let me compare this to a car manufacturer.  Before they release a new car they do extensive road testing on both handling and engine performance. These tests are usually performed by professional drivers.

The PhenQ Scam

No one really knows how well the car will perform until its released to the masses, everyone drives differently so results will vary. I know this is an extreme example but a diet pill is no different.  Clinical studies are generally performed with controlled groups. I am pretty sure the people in the trial are not eating at fast food restaurants every day.

Does PhenQ work?

PhenQ has had plenty fo time to prove itself as a weight loss pill, there is now enough proof on what the average person can expect from using this weight loss supplement. Let’s look at some of the benefits PhenQ offers.

PhenQ has over 190,000 satisfied customers: This is a true statement, PhenQ has sold its fair share of product, the encouraging thing to know is that over 190,000 of people who bought PhenQ have been very satisfied with their individual results. Very few weight loss supplement companies have had this kind of success.

PhenQ gives you the power of multiple weight loss supplements in one pill: Most diet pills only serve one purpose that either burn fat, suppresses appetite or stimulate your metabolism. PhenQ combines five different features you will not find in other diet pills that include:

  • Burn fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Stop new fat production
  • Increase energy levels

PhenQ contains a proprietary ingredient call a-LACYS Reset: This is the secret ingredient found in PhenQ which you will not find in other weight loss pills. A-LACYS RESET’ helps speed up your body’s metabolism and creates an environment of thermogenesis ensuring you burn fat all day long

PhenQ helped real people achieve real weight loss goals

On average, people who used PhenQ without diet and exercise lost 7.24% of their body fat, 3.44% of their body weight and increased lean muscle mass by 3.80%. Anyone using PhenQ can expect similar results. Now imagine how much weight those same people could have lost if they slightly modified their eating habits and added exercise to their daily activities.

Below are some actual photos from people who have used PhenQ and the weight they lost. You will notice that results are pretty impressive. On average, people who used PhenQ lost 3-5 lbs per week.

Taiylah lost 44 pounds in 3 months with PhenQ

Ghislain lost 11 pounds in 1 month with PhenQ

Axelle lost 9 poinds in one month with PhenQ

PhenQ helps maintain consistent weight loss week after week

Most people who go on a diet tend to lose the most weight during their first 10 days, most of this is liquids, after that, weight loss slows down, PhenQ maintains consistent weight loss week after week, month after month. With PhenQ you not only lose weight you lose fat and prevent new fat accumulation.

Is PhenQ a weight loss scam?

People who say PhenQ is a scam have obviously not done their homework.  PhenQ has customer testimonials that speak for themselves. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” PhenQ has helped over 190,000 lose weight and the numbers keep increasing.

PhenQ offers a full 60-day money back guarantee! There are very few companies that stand behind a product with a full 2-month guarantee. Most companies sell their products as is and only give you 7 days to return it. 7 days is hardly enough time to see if a diet pill is going to work.


The results from using PhenQ may seem too good to be true, however, the results prove something much different. PhenQ is a reputable weight loss product that delivers proven result at a reasonable price. As a consumer, you have nothing to lose. Try PhenQ for 60 days, if after 60 days you are not convinced, you can always return it for a full refund.

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